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Our Story

Skye Corp Industries -- or SCI -- has been a dedication and passion since 2014. A couple of young and excited innovators shared a bright and vast dream, and came together as a family to envision a prosperous, sustainable and advanced world. In order to achieve this: companies and hubs must surface that truly foster innovation, creation, thoughts, art, and science. This can ensure a beautifully balanced future! Generations to come -- our kids -- will thrive on a planet that's appreciated and nurtured with our help.


Currently we are dedicated more than ever before to our mission of building a sustainable future for all who come after. Our staff continues to grow as we expand our operations and look for employees + opportunities. Ideas and inventions are nearly constantly being imagined, plotted and designed within our team. We have since expanded our operations from the sole focus on our fully featured GNU/Linux based Operating System -- and now are providing commercial business management, IT solutions, consumer grade IT services, video game development and so much more!

We have endless experience in customer relations, consumer electronics repair, graphic design, web design, business consulting and much more!


 We are confident that we have all the tools and expertise to provide any solution you may need, no matter your situation.


Our team of experienced Skyenauts and Leaders can handle any task thrown at them.



We are honored to offer the entire US (and soon the whole world) high-quality and fast turnaround: custom websites and SEO, graphics and branding, and marketing / advertising among SO much more! Are you ready to flourish??


Meet our Team!

At Skye Corp Industries, or SCI, we believe in doing away with the traditional corporate hierarchy and have structured our company into a set of 13 individual groups that we call squads -- each having a focus on a different aspect of the company, and how we impact the world.

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