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Welcome to the F&M page! This is a playing card game created by the family that powers SCI. It has been perfected for 2-4 players, and contains a healthy mix of Strategy & Luck! Are you ready to Grow??

Challenge friends + family in 2023 to discover who the BEST farmer is:

There Can Be Only ONE... "Farmer of the Year"!

** More Detailed Images Coming VERY Soon! **

I'm sure you're wondering: how does this unique game play out?? We don't wanna spoil all the fun ~ but here is a brief synopsis:

- The game is played with 2-4+ players (generally ages 10+)
- Each player, aka "Farmer", has their own deck and their own piles of cards in front of them to work on and "grow" in a "Season"
- There is a central section of cards (like a pool) called the "Market", that "Farmers" play off of and strategize with in order to gain an advantage during a "Season" (a round in the game)
- Each turn you may support your piles or attack other "Farmer" piles with strategic cards and locking abilities that make you think about what cards to keep, what ones to play and how to do it!
- Points are calculated at end of a "Season", called a "Harvest"
- Tie-breakers are decided with a fun and quick mini-game called the "Auction" (it's also a great standalone short game for kids!!)
-- Your pre-order of this amazing game not only is cheaper, but includes SEVERAL FREE gifts and limited release extras 💚 Don't miss it while on sale for a limited time!

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We grew up on a small farm!

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