5 Technology Trends That Will Dominate This Year & On

Updated: Nov 14

The Entire Online 'Universe' Before Us Is Changing: Don't Be Left Behind!

If you haven't heard of Web 3.0 or the Metaverse or Alternate Reality (AR) yet -- you are now behind in the digital world... BUT -- that's okay! It's not even close to over, and there are still so many great opportunities and avenues to stay attuned to the current markets of the internet.

“How do I prepare for the new changes and platforms for business and data?”

Well, it's all too complex to fully explain in a simple blog or post -- so, we wanted to give at least 5 trends that we recommend following this year, into next. **based on our research & experience**

We aren't going to get too far or deep into each of these for this post, so stay tuned for more!

#5: 1st Party Data & Web 3.0

Web 1.0 was reading -- Web 2.0 was reading and writing, and we used that for a very long time -- Web 3.0 is idealized on the blockchain, reinforcing privacy and protecting/privatizing most all data. This can be viewed as having good and bad parts depending on the profession and opinion; it feels like a really interesting and inspiring step in a direction that has only ever been imagined before!

#4: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

This is more or less a database.. It/They can be used in countless ways as incredibly secure and direct options of setting up payments, systems and platforms. At this point, possibilities feel endless, even after what's already being established in the current market. They can also be great investment opportunities for those willing to learn a new system or get support to navigate it all!

#3: Sustainable Energies & Vehicles

Our planet matters! All of these awesome new platforms and digital innovations are SO amazing -- however, in order to allow these things to blossom there needs to be a balanced and sustainable approach to many/all things. Solar set-ups and electric cars are fantastic entries into this world! The cost of gas and oil only increases as more statistics come out about the real effectiveness of EVs.

#2: TikTok & LinkedIn +

Are you a business, practice, idea or alike?? Well, we all know LinkedIn as a very steady source for true business and professional networking. It is still functioning incredibly efficiently and we here at SCI love supporting people to grow + develop these useful accounts! We apologize if even the mention of TikTok sends chills and heebie-jeebies down your spine + soul.. We still note its prowess when used in a very consistent, professional and branded manner. This is a serious task & job!!

#1: AI, NFTs & AR/VR

WOW -- that's a lot of acronyms, right?? Where to start here is truly a maze with an end that's being innovated every other day. Artificial Intelligence should be respected, as it has already taught us so much about ourselves and efficiency. Non-Fungible Tokens are cryptographic resources attached to the blockchain we keep mentioning! The Future will contain endless and infinite NFTs; they cannot be traded or exchanged like crypto, it's more of a stamp/award/badge/ticket/coding. Alternate or Augmented Realities are spaces combining the physical and digital worlds.. woah.. last but NOT least -- Virtual Reality -- a fully immersed digital space of endless worlds and spaces!

Bonus Tip:

Yes, you deserve it! You got his far and you are greatly appreciated. Any questions, please msg us!

Google Ads & Social Campaigns

Google has done a LOT of updates and adjustments in the last while, seeming to be now geared for a MUCH more diverse and fruitful set of options and tweaks. It has been interesting to watch, and now use some new powerful tools for clients in Google Ads/Analytics, LinkedIn and others online! We would not recommend ignoring the digital worlds -- but to supplement your current working strategies. If you don't have any working or efficient strategies: contact us or dive into research!

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