Captain's Log: Squad Two Update 1.0

Updated: Nov 14

Squad Two Captain, Captain Black reporting. As of this week squad two has reached a near completion of the OSmosis creator and security editions. With the latest edition of Osmosis creator we have included over 100+ pre installed apps specifically for digital audio, video, and media creation. We are hoping that the launch of Project Accessorize will help with the advertising of the up coming closed beta of OSmosis Lite and creator editions. Thanks to already having 4 of the required seven presales for Project Accessorize this might be the case though the reality of that claim has yet to be seen.

The R&D team has also since started on a new project, Codename: Skyetanica. Going to be included in all versions of OSmosis as well as all Skye Corp devices, Project Skyetanica will be a quintessential hub for all Skye Corp ad revenue and information dispersal. Not much more can really be said about the project as everything is under security clearance not available to the public.

We still have not managed to secure funding for Project Skye-Rig, we are hoping to have secured the funding before the next year is out I don't know how likely it is we will meet that goal but it is the goal we set so we are sticking to it. Though Project Skye-Rig would benefit people in water impoverished areas greatly it seems its lack of profitability is causing investors to shy away from the project. We are hoping to present the project to local government officials in the target deployment areas to see if that will increase public support for the project.

We are also working on a second new project Codename: Project Vision. While nothing can be said about this project really I can say project vision will excite fans of cyberpunk and the marvel universe alike. we hope to have more info on Project Vision available in the near future before the year is out.

Aside from progress reports on OSmosis as well as Project Skye-Rig along with announcements of Projects Skyetanica and Vision there is nothing else to report. You can expect applications for the OSmosis closed beta by the end of next month.

- Captain Black signing off

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