Digital Dependency in the Modern Era

Picture this, it's 1994 the hit song is Love Is All Around by Wet Wet Wet. You are rocking that ugly haircut you regret so much during a hang-out with your friends -- you are sitting outside a McDonald's or your favorite spot, having a blast playing Magic the Gathering, hanging out with your friend group or rockin' it alone. If you look back... not one of you was engaged in a phone more so than the events with your friends or just "being a kid". Things are definitely SO different!

It's not such an uncommon sight to walk into that very same McDonald's today and find everyone more engaged with their phones than the people around them. Not only is that the picture you can envision, but they likely also ordered their food from within the app before even arriving at the restaurant. When you look it closely, most things have an automation or technical integration now..

To this, you probably say "Well yeah, who wouldn't? It's leaving money on the table not to, are you crazy?" Rest assured I am not crazy, I do the same thing at my favorite restaurants as well! It does however make me think about how dependent in modern times we are on devices such as our phones and now even our watches -- it arises questions.

Say, 25 or 26 years ago if you lost your phone you lost your call history and a significant investment due to price -- but that was about it. Your contacts were in a book in your pocket, your wallet was a physical item in your back pocket or purse, and now both of those things are just applications on your phone. With your phone and your watch keeping track of info like your contacts and bank info. As well as your ID on top of info such as your vitals, blood type, and other sensitive health issues -- is it really such a good idea to be so dependent on technology?

Some would say no, I however say this is a good thing!

If you think about it this technology empowers many powerful things such as EMS providers and doctors to be able to connect more with patients and better assist someone in a medical situation. It also helps individuals stay healthy by being able to keep track of that information in real time.

As for the cons of this, yes, there are a few such as losing the device and thus losing the information. Would that not have happened back then as well? You lose your address book and you lose your contacts, you lose the notebook your doctor gave you to keep track of your diabetes and lose track of that data. and yes you have the cost of the device replacement which can be a bit much for some people though I would argue that is its own separate issue entirely.

Data theft and loss, however, is something that happens to both physical media and digital media in many ways, this is why securing your digital data is extremely important and why we recommend the use of a password manager application such as Keepassxc which comes standard with our upcoming operating system OSmosis -- and is available on Linux and Windows devices. and when it comes to online data such as user accounts or other sensitive information, we recommend using your preferred VPN service to keep your online traffic safe and secure.

So let's recap shall we? Are people more dependent -- yes they are -- but is that such a bad thing? It's safe to say not really, so long as you do the right thing and take steps to safeguard your devices and your data using proper security methods and measures. This means using proper password security with 8-digit passwords using numbers as well as both capital and lowercase letters making sure to includes special characters such as dashes underscores or exclamation marks. Using public or untrusted websites and Wi-Fi networks is also a big red flag! BUT for more on that tune into our future blogs, articles upcoming live seminar that will be held in person and live online at the Sunsites Arizona public library come early 2023.

- Captain Black

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