The Rise of A.I.

Updated: Nov 14

Data from the American TV show "Star Trek". Hal from the acclaimed "Space Odyssey." Alexa from Amazon and Siri by Apple. These are all examples of Artificial Intelligence at work. If you see it or not, you are affected daily by A.I.


Believe it or now, A.I. is still quite limited in its capacity, at times with only the mere ability to bark commands at a microphone and have a chatbot respond with a predetermined response. A great example would be to ask your phone's virtual assistant to tell you the weather. When was the last time you had a genuine conversation with your virtual assistant? These new types of tech are being innovated and thought of more and more!


You speak to your co-workers regularly, likely. If you are an assistant to your boss, you converse with them regularly. Why not the A.I personal assistant on your phone or smart speaker? Here at Skye Corp Industries, we are working to advance artificial intelligence in all aspects of the field to foster and create the most safely advanced A.I. possible. We envision one day that the "virtual assistant" in your pocket will one day become your closest friend and a true confidant.


Enter S.A.R.A.H. , our up-and-coming world-class A.I. built with human compatibility in mind. We designed SARAH to provide all the functionality of your traditional A.I. but delivered with a more human element. With SARAH's custom personality matrix, she can adapt her features around the user to provide a bespoke experience.


Thanks to our advanced technology, SARAH can not only tell you basic things like what the weather is like outside -- or what the time is -- but will also be able have more in-depth conversations breaking into things like differences in opinion on movies, music, and pop culture.

As you interact with SARAH by having her support you with simple interactions, she can learn and grow her personality matrix alongside her user. All of this builds to a better, safer user experience.

Whenever you ask her opinion on things such as sports or movies, music, and other media, her choices will vary depending on the local user connected to her. With the advantages of integration throughout all of Skye Corp's services and products, Sarah's learning and adaptive capabilities are virtually limitless.

Thanks to the power of open-source tech -- SARAH will be available not just to SCI but to the world over, being built with an ability to integrate into any product of any kind, offering her support to all!

- Captain Black

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