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Updated: Nov 14

A Skye Corp Industries Blog + Captain's Log


Welcome to Skye Corp Industries -- and a gracious welcome to the intro of our Blog & Articles!

If you made it here, you're in for a treat!

“Why?" Well -- we care deeply about our community, audience and the WORLD!

We hope to provide fresh content while trucking through the current market and physical + digital. Please comment on this post at the end and introduce yourself or just say hello! **question at bottom

Who is SCI?

Good question! There a million ways to sum up who are, but a great start to an explanation is caring. We care about you. Your Tech. Your Health. Your Happiness and Longevity. The Time you have and where you spend it. We want to make it that efficiency, sustainability and authenticity is weaved into our every move and action. It can be so challenging these days! Please check out more of our longer story HERE!

What is the Skye-Log?

“That sounds SO familiar. Is it from something?”

Everyone here at SCI has been deeply inspired by certain parts of media culture. There was no real competition for a name for this space on our site! Thus, this space will feature powerful writings/articles and the occasional exclusive "Squad Captain's Log". Who posts these? Anyone in a leadership role such as the "CEOs" and Founders. They have created content for nearly a decade and love it to pieces!

Our Plans:

We wrap up this section with a simple explanation of our plans as a business and conscious entity. Nearly every step we take with great thought and research!

Our expansion this year has been quick and exponential; it seems to be driving that way still. Global TV & Shows, Ad Placements and High-End Studio-Quality gear + recording capabilities are just scratching the surface of all the potential we are seeing here. We are looking to being able to provide holistic business and branding support with a comprehensive media offering menu. An

All-In-One stop and source for growing markets, data, support and customized media/marketing!

CURRENTLY, our main focuses are servicing our community and any wanting professional on: providing quick, detailed and customized websites with SEO management; designing varied suites of logos & branding palettes; piloting Google & Social Media advertising + marketing; creative content creation & curation; and SO much more!!

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