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Even though the SKYE is the LIMIT...

Your DATA will stay GROUNDED!

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We do not sell or rent or distribute your personal data to anyone for any purpose, unless authorized. Only if you consent to a specific event when it may be necessary to perform services on your behalf -- otherwise, your data stays GROUNDED and as private as virtually possible!

What data does SCI collect?

Information from or about you:

in direct association with our software, services and websites

Included but not limited to: Your name, address, region, email, phone number, contact preference, purchase details, order agreements, trade-in or trade information, pre-delivery documents such as driver’s license or government identification, ETC...

"Cookies" + Similar Technologies

Cookies are pieces of information that are stored directly on each computer that any person (or alien) may be using. When visiting our websites, we may use essential cookies to provide you with a service requested by you or when this is necessary for the very functioning of our website. Additionally, we may also use analytics and marketing cookies in locations where the placement of such cookies does not require user consent. This is one way to track data for the specified use of user experience enhancement!

How SCI may share your info:

Here at SCI we may share your info ONLY after you have authorized this by accepting certain Terms & Conditions and requesting our services. 


- Any third parties that you authorize in connection to SCI

- Any third parties required by law to authorize

- Select business partners of SCI directly related to your request, authorization or need & approval when dealing with us

- Payment Processing   - Order Fulfillment   - Device + Software Installation

- Customer Service   - Marketing + Advertising   - Potential Financing

- Servicing or Repairs   - Social + Writing Content Creation   - and much more!


Any Questions or Concerns

We care about what you think, what you have to say and what you are concerned about!


Please -- if you have questions, comments or concerns; if you want to receive a copy of the data that we may or may not have on you; if you want to opt out from certain services or connections; OR if you want submit a data privacy request to us -- contact us ASAP!

Our FULL Privacy Policy (yes, it's wordy...)

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