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Skye Squads


~ Our teams of "Skyenauts" here at Skye Corp ~

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Kodee Skye

Co-Founder & Captain of Squad #1

Squad One

Operations Division

Squad One focuses on all major operations of the company and is comprised of the people who are top leaders of the current Skye Corp Industries.

+1(702) 707-3009

Squad Two

Research and Development

Squad Two is focused on the research and development done for the betterment of ALL.

They are our best innovators and inventors!



Kassie Black-Skye

Co-Founder & Captain of Squad #2


Squad Three

Software Engineering 

Squad Three imagines, designs and tests all of the software development that we process here such as our powerful and sleek project O.S.Mosis!

Squad Four

Commercial IT & Design Services

Squad Four supports and sanctions all commercial IT and business solutions services that we provide and will provide in the future!


Squad Five

Consumer IT & Design Services

Squad Five supports individuals, people and ideas -- aka Consumers -- in all of the IT and professional services that we offer and will offer.

Squad Six

Humanitarian Services

Squad Six will focus on all of the humanitarian services that we provide, and that we collaborate on in our communities, country and of the world. 


Izuku Mydoria

Captain of Squad #7

Squad Seven

Video Game Development

Squad Seven are the lead on all of the video game and related animation development that we do.

Stay tuned for our first release this year!

Squad Eight

Security Services

Squad Eight is comprised of all of the physical and digital security services required by and provided by us here at SCI.


Squad Nine

Community + Media Relations

Squad Nine works on all of the community and media relations we handle throughout the weeks. The Masters of Media & Markets!

Squad Ten

Client & Project Support

Squad Ten is dedicated to serving the community in whatever they need associated within SCI and with also with sustainable practices in general!

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Squad Eleven

Grounds Keeping and Janitorial

Squad Eleven focuses on maintaining all Skye Corp Industries locations and providing janitorial services. The Keepers + Protectors of the Earth!

Squad Twelve

Mechanical Services

Squad Twelve focuses on the maintenance of all vehicles owned by and worked on by us, SCI.

EV is the future! And we have goals in mind!


Squad Thirteen

Medical Services

Squad Thirteen -- last but certainly not least: they are our Healers and Practitioners that will support our internal crew, events and NPOs.

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